Standards Steering Committee

The Standards Steering Committee (SSC) is charged with providing oversight of the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Product Standard and is the main governance body for the standard. At its discretion and subject to approval of the C2CPII’s Board of Directors, the SSC maintains and further develops the standard’s requirements as it deems appropriate and necessary to preserve the integrity and viability of the standard and evolve the standard in accordance with C2CPII’s Mission and Strategic Plan.

The SSC is composed of technical and subject matter experts from a variety of stakeholder groups. These stakeholders may include qualified representatives of product manufacturers and suppliers; government or multilateral agencies; nonprofit, environmental or social compliance organizations; standards development bodies, academia and research institutions; service provider organizations, independent consultancies or other related entities. SSC members are appointed by the C2CPII Board of Directors.

Don Frey

Chief Innovation Officer, The Honest Company

Don has over 35 years of experience in developing products in the personal care, beauty, supplements and household cleaning industries. He started his career working at Procter & Gamble where he learned fundamentals of process, management, research, risk mitigation, brand management, and had the opportunity to live and work in an international market. He then went on to work at smaller companies like Jafra and Avon where he learned the importance of decision making in the absence of data, the importance of speed, and the true power of sales in a company. At Method, he had the opportunity to work at a values-based start-up and understand how culture can drive excellence in both people and in product, how vision can inspire people as much as salary and recognition, and how to nurture both while still bringing process and scale. Now Don is the Chief Innovation Officer for the Honest Company. Honest is a company focused on developing products that are safe, effective, sustainable and well designed. During his tenure thus far at Honest, Don has overseen the relaunch of approximately 90% of Honest’ product portfolio.