The Team

Tamara Zwart

Director of Textiles/Apparel & Stakeholder Engagement

Tamara joined the C2CPII team in October 2016 and is in charge of Special Projects in Europe. In this role she participates in the consortium of the EU funded Horizon2020 research project `Transition from Linear to Circular: Policy and Innovation`. Moreover, she participates in the Re:Tex Working Group led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, leads European joint marketing programs, and represents the Institute at Fashion Positive related events.

Prior to joining the Institute, Tamara lived in Switzerland and became a devoted and experienced Closed Loop Project Manager at I:CO. She successfully set-up Closed Loop production processes within H&M’s supply chain. Tamara conducted market research on take-back systems, closed loop recycling, and production of textiles in China. She also has a vast know-how on the challenges and opportunities for upscaling circularity in the fashion industry. 

Tamara holds a professional degree in Communications from the Hogeschool of Amsterdam and highlighted her synchronized swimming sports career as a finalist at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.