The Team

Stephanie Connolly

Manager, Textiles & Apparel

Stephanie joined the Institute's Textiles and Apparel team in June 2017 as a former technology consultant, business analyst and product manager eager to apply her passion for circular economy solutions to the fashion sector and beyond.

Prior to her work at the Institute, Stephanie consulted with EU aftermarket electronics services providers to pilot revenue-generating opportunities around reuse of e-waste and product packaging, co-facilitated US waste assessments and researched viable cross-sector partnerships in support of their circular economy strategies.

She also enjoys applying design thinking to social and environmental challenges and reframing linear business models to support integrated bottom line impact - for people, planet and profit. She believes that by reimagining the design of our products and services, we have the potential to move from a world of constraints to a world of abundance.

Stephanie is currently pursuing her MBA in Sustainability with a circular value chain concentration at Bard College and holds a BA in Political Science from Drew University.