Nikki Kelderman

Associate, Business & Policy

Nikki is part of the Services & Engagement team with a focus on stakeholder engagement activities in Europe. 

In her role, she supports the VP Strategy & Development, the Textile, Apparel & Footwear lead and the Beauty & Personal Care lead with relationship management, outreach (EMEA region) and research. As part of a two-year project Nikki endorses the circular economy in the Nordics, organizing the Design & Innovation Forum in Stockholm, Webinars and Workshops. Nikki is project manager of Circular Shift, the Institute's annual events in Amsterdam and New York, and works on various other projects across different sectors. Additionally, she is handling the European back-office. 

Nikki completed a two-year Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Policy (MSc) at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics in Lund, Sweden. She wrote her Master thesis for Circle Economy as part of the Fibersort Project in which she identified how brands can increase the use of post-consumer recycled textiles through adjusting their business models and which policies are needed to stimulate post-consumer textile recycling. She holds a Bachelor degree in International Business & Management at the Amsterdam Business School, during which she lived in Guadalajara, Mexico for one year and worked at Heineken at the Global Sustainable Development department.