The Team

Dr. Justin Bours

Senior Technical Manager

Dr. Justin Bours is a green chemist and materials/polymer scientist that has consistently leveraged his knowledge of chemical reactivity and material life cycles toward eliminating chemical risks. As Senior Technical Manager, Justin contributes to the auditing of product assessments and leads technical projects to enhance the certification program and promote sustainable product manufacture and design. As part of the Material Reutilization and Material Health advisory groups, he also leads the development of key proposals for future versions of the C2C Certified Products Standard’s criteria. Before joining the institute, Justin worked on two consulting projects – one with Autodesk in which he created and published a framework for more informed, proactive sustainable choices for additive manufacturing (3D printing) materials. In the second engagement with Northwest Green Chemistry and the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, he then further refined this framework and promulgated it to government and industry.  

Justin’s academic work as a graduate Chemistry student at Berkeley was focused on developing synthetic strategies for a larger and more diverse library of conducting polymers and on the synthesis of organic molecular sensors for targeted explosives detection. He also taught several semesters of organic chemistry to Berkeley undergraduates.