Ben Bezark

Technology Systems Manager

Ben Bezark has a life long passion for making the world a better place, in whatever way possible. The vision that business could be changed for the better struck him at the University of Vermont, studying Community and International Development, with a significant amount of work in Ecological Economics, and a Minor in Applied Design.  The idea that economics was intrinsically complicated was blown away, transformed by the reality that the economic system is based on false assumptions, unaccounted environmental and societal costs, and delusions of unlimited world resources.  Economics is about choice; the question is whether we choose limitless growth and profit, or the health of people and the planet.

After being exposed to Cradle to Cradle, Ben knew this was the work that he wanted to be doing.

Ben’s experience has been in environmental education, working with teenagers in San Francisco’s East Bay, on issues of waste reduction at schools and in low-income communities.

Ben Bezark has a B.S. in Community and International Development, with a Minor in Applied Design. He is also a fellow with Starting Bloc, an international fellowship group of innovators and entrepreneurs working in social innovation.