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WestRock Kronenbourg 1664 6 Pack Carton

Westrock Services Poland Sp zoo

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Our paperboard multipacks are powerful assets that help your beverage brands break through the clutter and connect with consumers. Using Carrier Kote® Coated Natural Kraft® paperboard, we create multipack cartons that are strong even when wet—and provide excellent print quality with sharp, clear graphics that help capture attention on the shelf.

Whether your bottles are glass, aluminum or plastic intended for beer, milk, wine, tea, juice, water or carbonated soft drinks, we have multipack cartons designed with your consumers in mind. In-depth consumer insights lead our carton designs allowing us to offer you solutions that will delight your consumer and enhance your brand.

This certificate covers the following products:

Kronenbourg 1664 Six Pack (Carrier Kote Paperboard)