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Wall Tiles

Royal Mosa

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Dry-pressed and glazed white body ceramic tiles, manufactured with a double-firing process. Sizes ranging from 15x15 (6"x6”) to 30x60 (12"x24”), in various colors, textures and matte or glossy finishes. Suitable for indoor applications.

This certificate covers the following products:

All wall tiles manufactured in the Mosa Wall tile factory in Maastricht, including all matte glazed wall tiles, and most glossy glazed wall tiles:

Mosa 15thirty Greys / Mosa 15thirty Accent, Mosa Casa, Mosa Classics Cerawall, Mosa Classics Foxtrot, Mosa Classics Trocadero, Mosa Classics Tide, Mosa Colors, Mosa Galactica, Mosa Global Collection / Mosa Globalgrip, Mosa Holland Plus / Mosa Holland 2040, Mosa Ledo,Mosa Matt Collection, Mosa Mix & Mosaics, Mosa More than white,Mosa Murals Blend / Change / Lines / Fuse, Mosa Residential, Mosa Scenes, Mosa Vesta, Mosa Villa

Does not include Mosa Classics Kho Liang le Collection®, Mosa Colors® 10x10, and the following glossy wall tiles: Models 16950, 16970, 16980, 17940, 17970, 17980, 20970, 20980