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Wall Tiles

Royal Mosa

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Koninklijke Mosa bv’s Wall Tiles are ceramic tiles for wall facades.

This certificate covers the following products:

All wall tiles manufactured in the Mosa Wall tile factory in Maastricht, including all matte glazed wall tiles, and most glossy glazed wall tiles:

Mosa 10thirty®, Mosa 15thirty®, Mosa Greys/ Mosa15thirty Accent, Mosa Casa, Mosa Classics Cerawall, Mosa Colors, Mosa Colors on Demand, Mosa Combination Quartz, Mosa Classics Foxtrot, Mosa Classics Trocadero, Mosa Custom design tiles C2C, Mosa Galactica, Mosa Global Collection/Mosa Globalgrip, Mosa Holland Plus/ Mosa Holland 2025/ Mosa Holland 2040, Mosa Ledo, Mosa Matt Collection, Mosa Mix & Mosaics, Mosa More than white, Mosa Murals, Mosa Residential, Mosa Vesta, Mosa Villa

Does not include Mosa Classics Kho Liang le Collection®, Mosa Colors® 10x10, and the following glossy wall tiles: Models 16950, 16970, 16980, 17940, 17970, 17980, 20970, 20980