Uncoated papers and boards by Lessebo Paper

Lessebo Paper AB

Uncoated papers and boards by Lessebo Paper by Lessebo Paper AB


Premium paper types suitable for both printing and conversion.

The paper is designed to have high natural whiteness and high opacity thanks to the usage of birch pulp. The paper is made from wood-free, TCF pulp and is neutrally sized. It is designed to have natural buffering capacity and aging resistance. The uncoated paper is available in a range of grammages, and several shades. Possible applications include: advertising materials, test and picture books, annual reports, envelopes, and letter paper. The higher grammages can be used successfully for covers, postcards and luxury packaging.

The grammages 80, 90 and 100 gsm are adapted for laser.

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Uncoated papers and boards by Lessebo Paper
See product specification sheet, for the full list of products covered under this certificate.
This certification is considered provisional pending completion of the manufacturing facility site visit, which was postponed due to 2020 global travel restrictions.

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