Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Triple-T Trolley

Alpheios b.v.

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Triple-T is a closed cleaning system developed by Alpheios based on high healthcare cleaning standards and is designed to help professional cleaners work more safely and efficiently. The system includes a modular Triple-T trolley that is completely closed and can be locked, and can accommodate behind its doors everything the professional cleaner needs: from garbage bags to tools, mop system and supplies.

This certificate covers the following products:

Products: Triple-T Trolley Large, Triple-T Trolley Medium, Triple-T Trolley Small

Modular components: Toolflex Rail, Toolflex Clip 25-30, Toolflex Clip 20-30, Toolflex Hook, Masalinn Holder, Mop Magazine, Shallow Tray, Deep Tray, Laundry Box, Mixing Box, Doser Tray, 7-Mop Tray, Sack Holder.

Excluded components: Laundry Kart, Doser