Toolbox trimmings vinatur® for workwear, apparel

Inogema GmbH

Toolbox trimmings vinatur® for workwear, apparel by Inogema GmbH


The product is an integrated toolkit of accessories to be used in the Work Wear and Apparel industry (e.g. ribbons, elastic bands, woven labels, buttons, interlining, monofilament for 3-D printing). The materials are designed for technical performance and safety for biological systems.
vinatur® is a registered trade mark of Volker Steidel

This certificate covers the following products:

Toolbox trimmings vinatur® for workwear, apparel
Integrated toolkit of accessories: sewing yarns, cordel, ribbons, ribbon with cordel, elastic bands, woven labels, printed woven labels, interlining, interlining with backing, buttons and press buttons plastic molding, sliders monofilament for 3-D printing, buttons adjuster metal

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