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Thermobel and iplus/ipasol – Insulating Glazing, Thermobel Scena

AGC Glass Europe

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Thermobel & iplus / ipasol are the AGC Glass Europe brands of insulating glazing. Using AGC’s range of coatings, Thermobel and iplus / ipasol are designed to offer an optimal thermal comfort over the whole year combined with the high requirements on thermal insulation and light and visual comfort.

In addition to the primary function as described above, each Thermobel and iplus / ipasol can be designed to meet the needs of your application whether it is for a private house, a commercial building project or industrial use.

The additional functions that can be integrated in your Thermobel and iplus / ipasol are:
• Solar Control
• Acoustic Comfort
• Safety and Security
• Fire Resistant
• Active functionalities
• Design

Note that not all the additional functions are covered by this certification.

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Remark: Insulating Glazing Units iplus / ipasol are commercialized by AGC Interpane.

This certificate covers the following products:

Thermobel and iplus/ipasol – Insulating Glazing, Thermobel Scena

Excludes: Thermobel and iplus / ipasol composed of non-C2C® certified glass constituents.