Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

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Product design
ThermaGo Elast tube insulation is an insulation material made of high grade thermoplastic foam, designed for heating, cooling and potable water applications. It is designed to prevent energy losses in pipes, minimize flow noise and protect against mechanical damage. ThermaGo Elast tube is also designed to prevent the condensation typically found in domestic water or cooling pipes, ensuring corrosion-free systems.

Universal application
ThermaGo Elast tubes can be used for pre-insulation or in retrofit applications with Thermaflex glue, or easier yet, with a heat tool to make homogeneous connections. We offer installers the full package with energy savings calculation tools, toolkits and trainings to ensure a full-proof, and future-proof solution.

This certificate covers the following products:

ThermaGO Elast Tubes, ThermaGO Elast Sheet
produced by Thermaflex Izolacji Sp. z o.o.