SURE® – Personal Care

Diversey Europe Operations BV

SURE®  – Personal Care by Diversey Europe Operations BV


SURE® is a complete range of vegetable based professional detergents and disnfectants/sanitisers for everyday cleaning and hygiene needs for kitchens, facilities and personal care. SURE® products contain plant-based ingredients that are typically derived from by-products of the agro-food industry, originating from sugar beet, maize, straw bran, wheat bran and coconut.

The range includes the following products for Personal Care: SURE Hand Wash Free | SURE Hand Wash | SURE Antibac Hand Wash Free | SURE Antibac Hand Wash| SURE Antibac hand wash foam | SURE Instant hand sanitizer free | SURE Instant hand sanitizer. Most products are available in standard packs as well as in Diversey’s unique dosing and dispensing systems such as Softcare Line and Intellicare. (NB: Not all products may be available in all European countries. Not available outside Europe.)

This certificate covers the following products:

SURE Product Range – Personal Care:
1. SURE Antibac Hand Wash
2. SURE Antibac Hand Wash free
3. SURE Antibac Foam Hand Wash free
4. SURE Instant Hand Sanitizer
5. SURE Instant Hand Sanitizer free
6. SURE Hand Wash
7. SURE Hand Wash free

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