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Slatshelf, Slatrail, Slatwall, Slatrail Stanchions

Steelcase Inc.

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SlatWall is a support structure that makes use of vertical space in the office environment by providing horizontal and vertical capabilities for Details worktools. Worktools are configurable in many ways with Slatwall, which supports up to 60 lbs. SlatShelf provides supplementary worksurface space to help filers and pilers organize their active and anticipated work. SlatRail is a support structure that provides horizontal capabilities for Details worktools used within a workstation. Worktools can be customized to the individual user’s requirements and can be rearranged with SlatRail, which supports up to 100 lbs. Stanchions allow the user to use SlatRail and Details worktools in a freestanding application, freeing up worksurface space.

This certificate covers the following products:

Slatshelf, Slatrail, Slatwall, Slatrail Stanchions

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