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Cortadoria® Rabbit Hatters Fur

Cortadoria Nacional de Pelo, S.A.

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Rabbit Hatters Fur comes in natural color rabbit fur, graded into various types according to their whiteness, in the case of white quality, length and fibre strength, purity and cleanliness by a prior shearing process, and finally, felting capacity which determines the final quality of the hat. In all cases, the finishing can be blown or pre-blown, responding to the diverse needs of our customers, according to the cleaning requirements and needed purity.

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This certificate covers the following products:

Cortadoria® Rabbit Hatters Fur
With variations:

- Amarelo
- Grey Clapier
- Grey Clapier Extra
- Grey Clapier Whole Care
- Grey Petit Bon
- Grey Petit Mix
- Grey Pur Dos
- Grey Pur Dos S
- White Clapier
- White Clapier Extra
- White Clapier Whole Care
- White Petit Bon
- White Pur Dos