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QbiQ Silver Partition Walls and Glass Solutions

QbiQ B.V.

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The QbiQ’s wall systems is designed to be minimalistic and optimized for reuse and/or recycling.

This certificate covers the following products:

QbiQ Silver Partition Walls and Glass Solutions

partition walls as nine different product lines which are fixed combinations of modular systems, these include:
1. QQ1; 2. IQ Single; 3. IQ Safe; 4. IQ Route 66; 5. QQ2; 6. IQ Structural; 7. IQ Cristal; 8. IQ Protect Hightech; 9. IQ Pro (glass)

The products can be supplied in five different colours (powder coating):
1. P723W050M-YD PE FC C2C WHITE MT 2200
2. P722N008R-YD PE FC JETBLACK C2C R9005 132419
3. P722G001M-YD PE FC C2C XMR 132327 SM2200
4. P712I002B-YD PE ALU ME C2C 132208
5. P723G001M-YD PE PC C2C RAL7022 FC MT 2200

And three different colour ranges (powder coatings)
6. Matte colour range
7. Satin gloss colour range
8. Gloss colour range