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QbiQ Partition Walls and Glass Solutions

QbiQ B.V.

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QbiQ Partition Walls and Glass Solutions is a product group of indoor wall and glass systems for utility buildings (offices, schools, etc).

* iQ Single is a smooth, single glass wall featuring minimal use of profiles.
* iQ Structural has similar features to the iQ Single, but uses double glass panels for higher soundproofing performance.
* The iQ Cristal system is designed on the ‘flush-glazing’ principle, with the sleek styles placed visibly behind the panels.
* iQ Pro is the all-rounder in the range; from high walls that are horizontally or vertically lined, with slender 31 mm strips or an attractive 0 mm-joint, to a smooth finish-wall. 
* The QQ Glassunit is a free-standing glass office unit, allowing quiet office and meeting rooms to be quickly created.

This certificate covers the following products:

iQ Single, iQ Structural, iQ Cristal, iQ Pro, iQ Glassfly, QQ Glassunit

The products can be supplied in eight different colours (powder coating):
- P723W050M-YD PE FC C2C WHITE MT 2200 (sap 332153)
- P722N008R-YD PE FC JETBLACK C2C R9005 132419 (sap 319729)
- P722G001M-YD PE FC C2C XMR 132327 SM2200 (sap 372026)
- P712I002B-YD PE ALU ME C2C 132208 (sap 319731)
- P723G001M-YD PE PC C2C RAL7022 FC MT 2200 (sap 372894)
- RAL 7039
- RAL 9017
- RAL 7016