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Pureprint by Vögeli

Vögeli AG

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Pureprint by Vögeli are offset printed products, designed to be recyclable and compostable. On the basis of the Pureprint components, Vögeli PurePrint offers a wide range of offset printed products such as folders, brochures, notebooks, letter paper, business cards, magazines, business reports and folding carton.

This certificate covers the following products:

Pureprint by Vögeli

Pureprint nature Ivory and White
Pureprint cardboard ivory
Pureprint silk 2.0
Pureprint cardboard white single-sided coated
Pureprint cardboard white double-sided coated
Pureprint greenfield uncoated
Pureprint greenfield coated
Pureprint cardboard greenfield single-sided coated
Pureprint cardboard bright white single-sided coated
Pureprint cardboard bright white double-sided coated
Pureprint folding box board single-sided coated
Pureprint dispersion adhesive for children’s board books
Pureprint coated gloss
Pureprint coated silk 1,08 bulk volume, 80 - 115 g/m2
Accessories, thread, cordel etc.