Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

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The Protectube pipe protection system acts as a thermal, sound, and mechanical barrier for a wide scope of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Because of its light weight and flexibility, Protectube can be quickly and easily installed to protect buried pipe in for example mono-block heat pump or split air conditioner applications.
Multiple diameters are available to fit the specific pipe (or pipe assembly) needs.

This certificate covers the following products:

Insulation ducts, produced by Thermaflex Netherlands B.V

Protectube FV+ISR40, Protectube FV+ISR50, Protectube FV+ISR63, Protectube FV+ISR75, Protectube FV+ISR90, Protectube FV+ISR125, Protectube FV+ISR160, Protectube FV+ISR200