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DTS® is a patented threshold and sill system developed in the Netherlands. Kreunen Plastic Solutions introduced the DTS® low-profile threshold in 1999. All of the thresholds are produced from the thermoplastic Hollodeen®.

This certificate covers the following products:

DTS Dorpel
Varying in size from: Minimal 52x90x334mm to maximum 90x164x6000mm

Also available with slats:
BIV-lat 17x15x1000, BI glaslat 17x17x1000, BI glaslat 17x25x1000

BUV-lat 10x27x1000, BUV-lat 7x27x1000, BU glaslat 20x30x1000, BU glaslat 20x20x1000

KAI binnenlat 28x20x1000, KAI buitenlat 32x27x1000

KVT glaslat 20x30x1000, KVT glaslat 20x20x1000

HS glas-vullat 20x46x1000, HS 56.10 vullat 26x66x1000, HS 56.11 vullat 26x67x1000, HS 67.10 vullat 27x77x1000, HS 67.11 vullat 27x78x1000

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