Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Non Ignis, Ignis and WWS

Van Swaaij Trade International B.V.

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Non Ignis, Ignis and WWS are exterior wood cladding available in various species and a variety of specialized treatments. Non Ignis is preserved wood (15 species, 3 species of modified wood, and 5 types of plywood), designed with fire retardant properties, plus a water-based weatherproof sealant (recommended for outdoor use and/or for walls and ceilings).

Ignis products do not have fire retardant properties, but can be equipped with a sealant, if requested.

WWS products (Poles and Schotten) are water works solutions, wood products specifically developed for use in wet environments. All wood products are available in different lengths and sizes as poles.

This certificate covers the following products:

Non Ignis (includes fire retardant, sealant and optionally an interior paint system)
Ignis (no fire retardant, optionally included with sealant and interior paint system)

Available in variations: Whitewood, Redwood, Larch, Douglas, Oregon Pine, Western Red Cedar, Southern Yellow Pine, Dark Red Meranti, Angelim Pedra, Sapeli, Accoya(R), Beech, Thermally modified Whitewood, Thermally modified Redwood, Thermally modified Frake (Limba), Ayous, Yellow Poplar, Oak, Wallnut, Padouk, Thermally modified Ayous

WWS in the following wood types: Eucalyptus species

The full list of product variations that fall under the certification can be found on the product specification sheet.

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