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NOFISOL® Barriers are specifically developed to seal the gaps above lightweight partition walls and below raised floors. The use of NOFISOL® Barriers boards is intended to improve the longitudinal noise insulation (room-to-room) inside of a building. Direct Sound Insulation of the NOFISOL® Barriers is possible up to 47 dB. In case of fire resistance demands, NOFISOL® Barriers can fulfill these requirements up to EI60.

NOFISOL® Seal S is a non self-supporting stonewool slab sealed in a black HDPE foil. The acoustical panels can be used on top of a suspended ceiling and/or in a wall to improve the overall room acoustics.

This certificate covers the following products:

- NOFISOL® Standard barriers
- NOFISOL® High value dB
- NOFISOL® eXtreme
- NOFISOL® Seal "S"

Specific product types/variations are listed in the product spec sheet.

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