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Nofisol High Value dB and eXtreme Barriers

Nofisol Group

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Nofisol High Value dB Barriers and Nofisol eXtreme Barriers are specifically developed to seal the gaps above lightweight partition walls and below raised floors. The use of Nofisol Barriers boards is intended to improve the longitudinal noise insulation of a building (room-to-room).
Direct Sound Insulation of the Nofisol Hiogh Value dB and the Nofisol eXtreme Barriers is possible up to 47 dB

In case of fire resistance demands Nofisol Standard Barriers can fulfill these requirements up to EI60 and/or EW 120

This certificate covers the following products:

Nofisol 38 High Value dB
Nofisol 39 High Value dB
Nofisol 40 High Value dB
Nofisol 45 High Value dB
Nofisol eXtreme 40-H
Nofisol eXtreme 47