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Mushroom® Material

Ecovative Design

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Mushroom® Materials are a bio-based alternative to expanded plastic foams and other materials. Ecovative’s patent protected process uses mushroom technology to convert agricultural waste such as corn stalks and cotton burrs into a material designed to be home compostable. Ecovative Design uses mycelium (mushroom “roots”) to bond together crop byproducts such as seed husks or stalks. The mycelium growing process happens indoors, in the dark, in less than a week. The resulting Mushroom® Material is then dried, which stops the growth. Mushroom® Material is produced today for many applications, including as Mushroom® Packaging, which replaces EPS, EPP, and EPE plastic foam packaging parts to package and protect everything from servers to furniture. In addition to protective packaging, Mushroom Materials are in use or are being developed for award plaques, automotive components, rigid insulation board, structural insulating panels, ceiling tiles, acoustic panels, marine degradable buoys, and more.

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Ecovative Mushroom® Material