MOSA Ceramic Façade System

MOSA Facades BV

MOSA Ceramic Façade System by MOSA Facades BV


A ventilated ceramic facade system, designed to combine an aesthetically pleasing facade with architectural engineering advantages. ‘Design for disassembly’ is at the core of the system, meaning the entire facade system is designed to be recyclable after its economic life span. Due to the modular design of the system and the facade tiles, the user can adapt the building envelope to his or her changing needs throughout the lifespan of the facade. For example, building changes might entail a change in branding (in the retail market), a change in function (commercial real estate and government), or upgrades to a building and/or its surrounding area (corporations).

The system facade consists of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver Ceramic facade tile produced by Mosa connected via a rear anchor, for invisible mounting of Mosa facade tiles, to aluminium profiles with Stainless steel fasteners.

This certificate covers the following products:

Mosa Ceramic Facade System, consisting of:
-Mosa floor tiles Terra Maestricht, Terra Tones, Beige & Brown, Greys, Quartz, Global, Solids

in combination with:
-Lomax LMI/WPL with wall brackets, in combination with OC-80 or JC2C-80/MLK23/PR24
-BWM ATK100 Minor/ATK100 Zela, in combination with ATK103 or ATK100KL
-Keil KH or Fischer FZPII T

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