Manual Shade Systems: UrbanShade®, Mecho®/5, Mecho®/5x, and Mecho®/7


Manual Shade Systems: UrbanShade®, Mecho®/5, Mecho®/5x, and Mecho®/7 by Mecho


UrbanShade Manual Shade System:
UrbanShade is a commercial roller shade system for projects that don’t require Mecho’s larger systems. The system is easily installed with its compact design.

Mecho/5 Manual Shade System:
Mecho/5 is a patented manual window shade lift system that works in standard commercial window applications and performs exceptionally well with large or multi-banded shades.

Mecho/5x Manual Shade System:
This system is able to lift larger, heavier commercial grade solar shades while still providing the same consistent user experience as the original.  It provides larger multi-banded shades—including 5 bands—up to 360” wide and can be specified to meet ADA’s requirement of pullforce below 5 pounds.

Mecho/7 Manual Shade System:
The customizable lift assist mechanism along with our patented, pull force algorithm can now lift shades covering up to 30’ of glass on a single bead chain. This improves design aesthetic and user experience by eliminating multiple chain pulls and reducing light gaps.

This certificate covers the following products:

- Mecho®/5 Manual Hardware Systems
- UrbanShade™ Manual Hardware Systems
- Mecho®/5x Manual Hardware Systems
- Mecho®/7 Manual Hardware Systems

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