Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

LMD Metal Ceiling

Lindner Group KG

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Lindner Metal Ceilings are suspended ceiling systems available as Hook-On, Post Cap, Cassette, Baffle, Corridor or Canopy Ceiling for the application inside of buildings with high architectural and technical requirements.

LMD Metal Ceilings consist of factory-made, industrially pre-finished, modular components: powder-coated metal ceiling panel – either with or without acoustic tissue – substructure elements and structural accessories.

All ceiling systems are developed as complete systems, created by the assembly of the single components to a compound accessible ceiling structure.

LMD metal panels are manufactured and powder-coated at the Lindner headquarters in Arnstorf.

This certificate covers the following products:

LMD-B 100, LMD-B 110
LMD-E 200, LMD-E 210, LMD-E 213, LMD-E 214, LMD-E 300, LMD-E 312, LMD-E 321, LMD-E 340
LMD-K 400, LMD-K 403, LMD-K 420
LMD-L 601, LMD-L 607, LMD-L 608, LMD-LAOLA
LMD-DS 312, LMD-DS 313, LMD-DS 320