Tarkett Linoleum Flooring / Wall covering Silver

Tarkett SpA

Tarkett Linoleum Flooring / Wall covering Silver by Tarkett SpA


Tarkett Lino has been made the same way since 1898 and yet it continues to be a modern, versatile, durable and sustainable form of flooring, made of natural, renewable materials like linseed oil, pine rosin, wood and cork flour and jute.

Tarkett Lino collection offers modern subtle patterns and a palette of contemporary colors that harmonize easily to inspire and coordinate all the elements in a space, from floors to walls and even furniture.

Tarkett Lino flooring and wall covering are protected with xf2, a unique PU based surface treatment technology, designed for high mechanical and chemical resistance, ideal for demanding environments. Some flooring versions are also available with Essenza+ surface protection (acrylic finish).

Tarkett Lino has naturally anti-bacterial properties and is Allergy UK approved.

This certificate covers the following products:

Acoustic Cork Essenza 15dB
Acoustic Cork xf² 15dB
Ecopure xf²
Etrusco xf²
LinoRail HL3
Linoleum xf² Bfl
Linosport Classic / Narnidur
Linosport xf²
Originale xf²
Sicuro xf² R10,
Silencio xf² / Acoustic xf² / Acoustiflor xf²
Style Elle / Lenza xf²
Style Emme / Tonali xf²
Trentino xf²
Veneto xf²

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