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Tarkett Linoleum Flooring / Wall covering Silver

Tarkett SpA

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Tarkett Lino is made from natural ingredients in Narni, Italy, with the same original recipe since 1898.

Tarkett Lino is designed for aesthetic appeal, durability, and acoustic/underfoot comfort.

Tarkett Lino also offers LinoWall, approved for wall application. LinoWall is developed to be paired with Tarkett Lino flooring, providing a large array of co-ordinated design options. Tarkett Lino flooring and wall covering are protected with xf2™, a unique PU based surface treatment technology, designed for high mechanical and chemical resistance. Some flooring
versions are also available with Essenza surface protection (acrylic finish).

This certificate covers the following products:

Acoustic Cork Essenza 15dB
Acoustic Cork xf² 15dB
Ecopure xf²
Etrusco xf²
LinoRail HL3
Linoleum xf² Bfl
Linosport Classic / Narnidur
Linosport xf²
Originale xf²
Sicuro xf² R10,
Silencio xf² / Acoustic xf² / Acoustiflor xf²
Style Elle / Lenza xf²
Style Emme / Tonali xf²
Trentino xf²
Veneto xf²

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