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Tarkett Linoleum Flooring

Tarkett SpA

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Tarkett’s Lino is made from natural ingredients in Narni, Italy, with the same original recipe since 1898. Tarkett constantly innovates in production processes, develops colours and new striking designs and improves its flooring technical characteristics.

Tarkett’s Lino is designed to enhance people’s everyday sensorial experience, through colours and patterns, as well as through acoustic or underfoot comfort and offers a robustness that stands the test of time.

This certificate covers the following products:

Linoleum/Linosom, Linoleum Silencio/Acoustic/Acoustiflor/Ecopure
Styles: Elafono / Linosom Elafono, Linoleum xf² / Linosom xf² /Harmonium xf², Veneto xf², Etrusco xf², Style Elle / Lenza xf², Style Emme / Tonali xf², Linosport xf², Sicuro xf² R10, Linoleum xf² Bfl, Essenza, Linosport Classic / Narnidur, Acoustic Cork xf² 15 / Acoustic cork Essenza 15, Trentino, Originale xf², Silencio xf² 18/Linosom Silencio xf² 18/Acoustic xf²18/Harmonium xf² Acoustiflor/ Ecopure xf², LinoRail HL3