A range of acoustic wood panels for wall cladding and suspended ceilings.

Panels are made from different wood species such as pine, oak, douglas fir, or spruce. There are options for different varnished finishes (Clear, White Wash Soft or White Wash varnish) and Wax Color finishes (eg: chocolate, cherry, wenge, grey…).

Panels are engineered to integrate standard acoustic absorbing tiles to increasing acoustic performances. They can be used to control the sound environment in a variety of spaces, from meeting rooms to auditoriums.

This certificate covers the following products:

LINEA 2.4: 2.4.3 / 2.4.5 ; LINEA 2.6 : 2.6.5 / 2.6.6 / 2.6.8 /2.6.10 ; LINEA 4.2 : 4.2.1 / 4.2.4 ; LINEA 3D : EDGE / PIX / SCALE / BAMBOO / BAMBOO WAVE ; LINEA 9.2 : 9.2.1 / 9.2.3 / 9.2.6

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