Lindner Life Glass Partitions with Integrated Doors

Lindner Group KG

Lindner Life Glass Partitions with Integrated Doors by Lindner Group KG


Lindner Life Glass Partitions offer you nearly limitless possibilities for the design of your rooms. Its appearance is designed to create bright and open spaces. Its sound-proofing properties are designed to provide conditions for focused and undisturbed work.
Life 125 and Life 126 consist of two glazed aluminium frames.
Life 620 and Life 622 offer a fully glazed construction.

Also available, are Integrated Glass Doors ATB 42 and ATB 68, which are designed to match the glass partitions.

This certificate covers the following products:

Life Stereo125, Life Contour 126, Life Mono 110, Life Pure 620, Life Hybrid 622, ATB42, ATB68, AZ 59-19 S, AZ 57-19 STF

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