JUUNOO Modules




A circular interior wall system, with telescopic modules that form the basis for all JUUNOO walls. The standard thickness of the wall structure is 75 mm (but 50 mm and 100 are also possible). Only 2 module types are needed to build a wall of any length and a height up to 5,5 m. I-modules are placed first and are 60 cm apart, C-modules are placed at the ends of the wall and around the doors. They can be adjusted in width between 0 & 60 cm.

This certificate covers the following products:

Please see the List of Certified Products for all products covered within the scope of this certificate.
The following are excluded from scope: D(D)-modules, variations with blue tape, fully finished products such as: BaseClick, AcouClick, SilentClick, fire-resistant EI60 wall and the gypsum wall.

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