Engineered Molded Wood™ Products

Litco International, Inc.

Engineered Molded Wood™ Products by Litco International, Inc.


Litco’s Engineered Molded Wood™ Products are made primarily from recycled wood fiber, including damaged logs, wood waste, and other wood by-products. Engineered Molded Wood™ Products are also designed to be lighter than traditional hardwood pallets. Engineered Molded Wood™ Products include pallets, core plugs, boards, and separator sticks.

This certificate covers the following products:

This product platform for Litco's Engineered Molded Wood™ Products includes:
• Engineered Molded Wood™ Pallets (10 pallet size variations and weight capacities)
• Engineered Molded Wood™ Core Plugs (7 core plug size variations and weight capacities)

See product specification sheet on C2CPII product registry for specific product variations.

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