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Hollandsche Vloeren

Plinten & Profielen Centrale

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HOLLANDSCHE VLOEREN® are rustic oak floors, which means the planks contains knots, giving the floor that characteristic wood feeling. The wood lives as it is changes color when exposed to sunlight.  With use, little cracks will appear. These are natural properties of the wood. To emphasize the appearance and the width of the planks they have received chamfers.

The collection is divided into four series (Steden, Dorpen, Duinen & Eilanden). Each series contains one option for a fishbone structure lay-out, next to the conventional wooden floor lay-out. The floors are water and dirt resistant, have a highly durable surface area due to its hardwax toplayer, and are suitable for floor heating and cooling. The boards can be installed as a floating or solid floor installation.

Physical properties

Length of plank : 195 or 240 cm ( 77 or 94.5 inch)
Width of plank : 22 cm ( 9 inch)
Thickness of plank : 13 mm incl. top layer (1.3 inch)
Top layer : 3,6 mm (0.14 inch)

The products carry a 10 year structural warranty

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Hollandsche Vloeren

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