Greenline Brush-on Glazes

Cerama A/S

Greenline Brush-on Glazes by Cerama A/S


Greenline Brush on Glazes for stoneware and porcelain are pre-mixed and ready to use. Greenline Brush on Glazes offer a wide variety of colors and designs. Varying firing temperatures between 1220°C and 1260°C can give some of the glazes a completely different look. The effects in general are exaggerated in the higher temperature range. For some glazes, a slightly uneven application may lead to even more dramatic effects. Greenline Brush on Glazes is pre-mixed in a water based paint medium and can be diluted with water.

This certificate covers the following products:

Greenline Brush-on Glazes in the following colors: Matt Black; Matt Spring Green; Glossy Spring Green; Matt Transparent; Glossy Royal Blue; Matt Royal Blue; Glossy Caramel; Glossy Citrus; Glossy Black; Glossy Topaz; Glossy Cream Pistachio; Matt White; Glossy Petroleum; Matt Black; Matt Red; Glossy White mother of pearl; Effect mint; Gray with nister glossy; Forest green with effect glossy; Glossy Blue Lavender; Glossy Safari.

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