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green care PROFESSIONAL Kliks warewashing

tana-Chemie GmbH and Werner & Mertz Group

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green-Effective® Kliks warewashing

green-Effective® Kliks warewashing provides warewashing detergents for soft and medium to hard water. ENERGY proKliks works under soft water conditions, designed to provide outstanding residuefree cleaning results thanks to its unique system of multiple biodegradable water softening additives. The equivalent for medium to hard water conditions is ENERGY topKliks.

The concentrated formulas come in a bag-in-box designed for complete emptying of the product and a space saving disposal. Via the practical color-coded Kliks connector, the products can be easily exchanged and connected to the pump.

This certificate covers the following products:

green care PROFESSIONAL Kliks warewashing

ENERGY proKliks
ENERGY topKliks