Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Graphenstone indoor and outdoor paint (only white color) and filler

Industria Española para el Desarrollo e Investigación SA (IEDISA)

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Graphenstone is a range of natural lime-based paints and coatings which contains graphene technology.
It can be used for construction, restoration and repainting.

·Biosphere Premium: exterior paint
·Ecosphere Premium: interior paint
·Ecosphere Eggshell Premium: interior paint (eggshell finish)
·AmbientPro+ Premium: photocatalytic paint
·FillerF10/F20 Premium: primer for white lime paint
·Stuki Premium: coating for stucco finishing
·Kratzputz Premium: texturized coating for intensive weather condition
·Füllmasse Premium: putty for small surface defects.

This certificate covers the following products:

Biosphere Premium, Ecosphere Premium, Eggshell, Filler F10 / F20 Premium, Stuki Premium, Kratzputz Premium, Füllmasse Premium, AmbientPro+ Premium & Comex - Pro Aire (in white color ONLY)

Packaging is assessed and meets Basic level requirements