Decorative Aluminum Profiles for Cabinets

Furnipart AS

Decorative Aluminum Profiles for Cabinets by Furnipart AS


Furnipart aluminum profiles are manufactured for mounting on front, top or back of cabinet front and drawers on furniture for kitchen and bathroom.

Profiles are available in several anodized colors or with chrome finish.

This certificate covers the following products:

Furnipart Aluminum Profiles come in 210 different dimensions, and in 12 color variations.

The color variations are:
Bright Chrome, Bright anodized, Brass Brushed lacquered, Inox look, Light inox, Shiny inox look, Brushed matt black, Brushed rose gold, Brushed anthracite, Antique bronze, Mirror rose gold, Shiny black lack.

See the attached product specification sheet for a more thorough description.

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