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Floor Tiles

Royal Mosa

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Unglazed, dry-pressed, single-fired, fully vitrified porcelain tiles, manufactured with the ultragres process. Sizes ranging from 15x15 (6"x6”) to 60x120 (24"x48”), with various surface designs and structures. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

This certificate covers the following products:

All unglazed Floor tiles manufactured in the Mosa Floor tile factory in Maastricht, this means the entire Mosa unglazed floor tile collection.

Mosa Global Collection/Mosa Globalgrip, Mosa Custom design tiles C2C, Mosa Canvas, Mosa Holland 2050 tiles, Mosa Mu, Mosa Quartz, Mosa Residential, Mosa Scenes, Mosa Softgrip/Softline, Mosa Solids, Mosa Terra Beige & Brown, Mosa Terra Greys, Mosa Terra Maestricht, Mosa Terra Tones, Mosa Terra

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