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The Flexalen PB piping system is an SDR11 thermoplastic piping system made of PB-1 (Polybutene-1). PB-1 is used worldwide in applications where high temperature and pressure performance is combined with flexibility, such as large-scale building projects, district energy networks, heating and cooling, and plumbing installations.
PB-1 pipes are available as stick or as long length coil and connected using either mechanical or welded (socket, fusion and butt) fittings.

This certificate covers the following products:

Polybutene carrier pipes, produced by Thermaflex Netherlands B.V.
A25 Red, A32 Red, A40 Red, A50 Red, A63 Red, A75.1 Red, A75.2 Red, A90 Red, A110 Red, A125 Red, A16 Grey, A20 Grey, A25 Grey, A32 Grey, A40 Grey, A50 Grey, A63 Grey, A75 Grey, A90 Grey, A110 Grey, A125 Grey