Flexalen®600 + Flexalen®Protectube + Flexalen®PB

Thermaflex International Holding B.V

Flexalen®600 + Flexalen®Protectube + Flexalen®PB by Thermaflex International Holding B.V


The product group exist of the Flexalen PB service pipe made of polybutene, a thermal insulation layer made of polyolefin foam and a corrugated PE casing pipe.

The Flexalen 600 product is a pre-insulated pipe including the Flexalen Protectube with casing and insulation layer as well as the Flexalen PB service pipe(s).

The Flexalen Protectube is an insulation and installation duct.
Flexalen PB is a service pipe used for drinking water, geothermal water as well as for heating- and cooling networks.

The products are designed for underground distribution networks for district heating and cooling, geothermal as well as for central hot- and cold drinking water supply networks.

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