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Fire-resistant Glass

AGC Glass Europe

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Pyrobel and Pyrobelite are AGC Glass Europe brands of Fire-resistant Glass.

In case of fire, Pyrobel-Pyrobelite laminated fire-resistant glass comprising of clear Planibel glass and transparent intumescent interlayers are intended to transform into rigid, opaque and heat-absorbing fire shields. This product is designed to ensure that people and property are protected by keeping out flames and reducing or stopping heat transmission.

Pyrobel-Pyrobelite can be assembled into Thermobel (AGC Glass Europe’s C2C certified Insulated glazing brand).

This certificate covers the following products:

Pyrobelite 7, Pyrobelite 12, Pyrobelite 10, Pyrobel 16, Pyrobel 17N, Pyrobel 25, Pyrobel 30, Pyrobel
53N, Pyrobel 54, Pyrobel 81, Pyrobelite 9 EG, Pyrobelite 12 EG, Pyrobel 16 EG, Pyrobel 17N EG,
Pyrobel 25 EG, Pyrobel 30 EG, Pyrobel 53N EG, Pyrobel 54 EG, Pyrobel 81 EG, Pyrobel 19H,
Pyrobel 23H, Pyrobel 28H, Pyrobel 33H.