Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

ege Tuft PA6 Ecotrust

egetaepper A/S

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This series of ReForm broadloom carpets are made of Aquafil’s Econyl yarns. The tiles have an ege patented backing. The PET felt material is designed to be long lasting and to have good acoustic performance.

The carpet collections are a marriage of a complex structured multi-level loop and digital coloration in a variety of colors.

This certificate covers the following products:

Barcode Ecotrust350, Barcode Ecotrust750, Highline Carré Ecotrust350, Highline Carré Ecotrust750,
ReForm Legend Ecotrust350, ReForm Legend Ecotrust750, ReForm Memory Ecotrust350, ReForm
Memory Ecotrust750, ReForm Foss Ecotrust350, ReForm Foss Ecotrust750, ReForm Matrix Ecotrust350, ReForm Matrix Ecotrust750, ReForm Terra Ecotrust350, ReForm Terra Ecotrust750, ReForm Artworks Ecotrust350, ReForm Artworks Ecotrust750