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Ecotrust is a felt carpet tile backing product produced using recycled polyester material. Ecotrust is designed for light and easy handling, prevention of scuff marks to skirtings and door jambs, and sound absorption.

Weighing 350 g/m2, Ecotrust350 is both a thinner and more compact backing than Ecotrust750 and Ecotrust1500, giving the carpet a slightly harder feel, while designed to preserve underfoot comfort and acoustic sound absorption. All products using Ecotrust350 are suited for heavy contract use.

Ecotrust750 and EcoTrust1500, with a weight of 750 g/m2 and 1500g/m2 respectively, are suited for an indoor climate and offer both underfoot comfort and acoustic properties. All products using Ecotrust750 and Ecotrust1500 are suited for heavy contract use.

This certificate covers the following products:

Ecotrust350, Ecotrust750