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Earth Ceramic Board

Bi-Silque S.A.

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The Earth Ceramic Board features an enamel surface with aluminum frame and pen tray. The Earth Ceramic Board can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Carries a 25 year warranty on board surface.

This certificate covers the following products:

Earth-it Ceramic Board (in USA: Mastervision Earth Platinum Pure White) in the following sizes:

60 cm x 45 cm (CR0420790)
90 cm x 60 cm (CR0620790)
120 cm x 90 cm (CR0820790)
150 cm x 100 cm (CR0920790)
150 cm x 120 cm (CR1020790)
180 cm x 90 cm (CR1120790)
180 cm x 120 cm (CR1220790)
200 cm x 100 cm (CR1320790)
200 cm x 120 cm (CR1420790)
240 cm x 120 cm (CR1520790)