DLW Linoleum




DLW Linoleum is a calendered linoleum floorcovering in sheet, 2m wide. Its weight is 2400gr/sqm in 2,0mm, 2900gr/sqm in 2,5mm and 3800gr/sqm in 3,2mm.  Its weight is 3900gr/sqm in 4,0mm in the acoustic version. It is made of bio-based materials (linseed oil, wood flour, resins, cork, minerals and jute fabric). The flooring is produced with Neocare™ solvent-free surface treatment, an exclusive photo-cured acrylate based lacquer surface treatment obtained by triple laser UV cross linking. Neocare™ offers scratch and stain resistance. This floor surface has antistatic, bacteriostatic and antiviral activity.

DLW Linoleum is suitable for heavy traffic areas, in applications such as education, healthcare, public buildings, offices or sport.

DLW linoleum features 10 designs and offers a wide variety of aesthetic options, from classic solid and false plain to more creative marbled, striated or terrazzo designs, offering specifiers over 150 unique colours, along with mix and match options.

This certificate covers all DLW linoleum collections (compact and acoustic), including Marmorette, Landscape, Colorette, Arabesque, Uni Walton, Linoeco, Linodur and Lino Art series (FLow, Star, Metallic, Urban).

This certificate covers the following products:

DLW Linoleum

This certification is considered provisional pending completion of the manufacturing facility site visit, which was postponed due to 2020 global travel restrictions.

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