Derako Wooden Grill System

Derako International BV

Derako Wooden Grill System by Derako International BV


The Derako grill system consists of solid wooden slats mounted along with aluminium or flexible dowels to form panels. The length of the panel is determined by the structural conditions and ultimately decided by mutual agreement. The grill panels are designed to seamlessly fit into one another with a half-lap dowel joint. In designing a ceiling or wall with the system, there is a great deal of freedom in determining the dimensions of the wooden slats and spacing between them. The grill system is also suitable for curved application. The ceiling created is open in nature. This makes the grill system particularly suited to acoustic spaces.

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Derako Wooden Grill System

Systems which include bamboo, non-woven tissue or Bs1d0 impregnating agent are out of the scope of certification.

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