Das PNZ-Öl für Außen / The PNZ Oil for exterior

PNZ - Die Holzpflege Manufaktur

Das PNZ-Öl für Außen / The PNZ Oil for exterior by PNZ - Die Holzpflege Manufaktur


PNZ oil is an open-pored, penetrating surface protection that is designed to be water-repellent and durable. The product is intended to be used in exterior applications, for example, for wooden terraces, facade cladding, windows, doors, fences, garden furniture, and summer houses.

This certificate covers the following products:

Das PNZ Öl Außen Curry / The PNZ Oil exterior Curry
Das PNZ Öl Außen Mohn / The PNZ Oil exterior Mohn
Das PNZ Öl Außen Nelke / The PNZ Oil exterior Nelke
Das PNZ Öl Außen Pfeffer / The PNZ Oil exterior Pfeffer
Das PNZ Öl Außen Sesam / The PNZ Oil exterior Sesam
Das PNZ Öl Zimt / The PNZ Oil exterior Zimt

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