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ConXL and ConXR


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ConXR™ and ConXL™ are modular, prefabricated structural steel building systems for high-density residential, healthcare, energy & natural resources, data center, military, commercial and institutional applications.

ConXtech’s patented steel moment frame connections enable columns and beams to be “lowered and locked” together in the field. This system eliminates the need for field welding.

Both ConX systems are comprised of square columns and wide flange beams with factory welded, tapered collar connections. With ConXR, mating collars are welded to the face of 8″x8″ HSS columns and 12” deep beams. With ConXL, the beam connector has upper and lower flange plates to enable variable beam depths; these lower and lock onto corner connectors on 16″x16″ HSS or box columns.

This certificate covers the following products:

ConXR, ConXL