Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Registry

Metal Fire Proof Doors (Hinged Door and Sliding Door)


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Fire Resistant Sectorization doors (sliding & hinging) designed according Circular Economy and Cradle to cradle design principles. all elements are included in the certification except the intumescent permitral adhesive which can be removed and separated from the rest of the door.
Door types: 
- Hinged Metal Fire Door, 1 and 2 leaves Ei2 60 and 90 C5, PC model.,  tested in accordance with EN 1634-1 and approved  with 60 and 90 minutes fireproof (stability+temperature) and C5 cycles test (200.000 cycles). Sheet steel up to 1.2 mm , with 63 mm thickness, and flame retardant filled according to test.
- Sliding door, composed of a metallic sheet smoothly manufactured on both sides, fireproof filling material inside. With a guide sloping top tube and sheet protection, sliding carriages, setting intumescent gasket for sealing and waterproofing, recessed handle and thermal fuse. APPLUS test approved EI60/90 and 120 minutes according to standard EN 1634-1.

This certificate covers the following products:

Hinged Metal Fire Door (Standard Mesures, EI-60-EI90, up to 6 sqm) and Leaf Sliding Fire Door Assembly - ECO Model (EI 60-90-120 up to 36sqm). The intumescent seal is out of scope.

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